As we make final preparations to launch bodyquench®  and the bodyquench happiness lifestyle ®, after two long years of taking 2 steps backward and inching our way forward, we are overcome with joy for having reached this milestone in our journey so that we might share science-based solutions to enrich lives and begin the bold adventure to end the onslaught of western lifestyle diseases, (coronary heart disease, stroke, autoimmune diseases, hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and many more) through education and meaningful lifestyle choices.   This journey would never have been possible without the thoughtful and generous work of many we have come to treasure as friends.  Most importantly, we would not have made it through those difficult days without the constant love and support from our peeps. We do what we do because of you.

As we begin this work together, never doubt that it is possible for each of us to look forward to longer, passionate lives of fulfillment, knowing we are empowered to make thoughtful choices for ourselves and our families.  Imagine how transformative life might be without the suffering imposed by unnecessary disease.  There are so many more dreams we might experience, whether it’s scaling mountains, living a new passion, or spending precious time with our children and grandbabies.

We embrace our mission ever-mindful of our responsibilities to generously share evidenced-based solutions to make the world a better place. Our hearts are filled with humility and gratitude to be given this opportunity to be part of your life and those you love.

We can’t wait to share this adventure with you! 

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