How blessed we are, that no matter our past or how messy life sometimes gets, the gift of life belongs to each of us. We get to choose our path.

You are an amazing individual with a powerful, creative mind, a life-sustaining body of endless potential, and a spirit that soars in its connection with our Creator, humanity, and all of life.You have purpose and special gifts that are only yours to give. Living a life that’s healthy and happy allows you to fulfill your dreams and share life with those you love. Choosing health and happiness is one the most important decisions you will ever make. 

We have something exciting to share. It’s an approach to living that will empower you to achieve your ideal health and fitness goals, optimize your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and live with unbridled passion. The bodyquench Happiness LifestyleTM is a simple, integrative approach that utilizes the best scientific and evidence-based strategies to restore balance and promote opportunities for healthy living in every area of life. You can live your best life and inspire others to live theirs. Where to begin?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


It’s amazing that some foods do it all, from providing energy and stabilizing our blood sugar levels to protecting us from inflammation that leads to Western lifestyle diseases. Good nutrition is key to brain, emotional, and physiological health. We must also be cognizant of bad players that sabotage health, such as obesogens (promoters of inflammation and chronic diseases) contained in many processed foods.

Everything you need to know for best nutrition can be found in “The Fat Flew Off!, a fun read that separates science from myth. It’s common sense strategies promote optimal health and longevity and will save you from ever dieting again.


Most of us would gladly take a double portion. Learn why it’s vital to engage in both aerobic stimulation and strength training and how the simple habit of inserting short bursts of activity throughout the day can add years to your life. When you’re 80, you want to hike to the top of the mountain and see the vistas for yourself. It’s more than possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

GIVE UP THE STRESS & FEAR AND START TO LIVE!                                     

We share simple techniques to instill life long habits to end paralyzing stress and fear.   Chronic stress and fear are debilitating, steal precious time, and promote chronic diseases. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that life is not a dress rehearsal. We can choose to seize the day and live with joy. You will learn how to let go, how to embrace, and how to let your spirit soar to new heights.

Live Your Best Life! The simple and effective strategies in “The Fat Flew Off” will enable you to live the life of your dreams. If you can’t afford a copy, essential information is included in our Quick Links.

BTW, you should know this ebook is written from “one princess to another”. If you reside on the macho side, consider it the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your feminine side 🙂 The content is for everyone. C’mon, get your princess on!                                                                                                                                         

THE NEXT LEVEL                                    

When you begin to live the bodyquench Happiness LifestyleTM, you will experience an amazing transformation in every area of your life. There are no substitutes for good nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction strategies. However, for most people, it is possible to achieve the next level of health.

We often lack essential nutrients and micronutrients our minds and bodies need because even healthy foods may be grown in depleted soils or eating enough deep ocean fish to get our omega-3 fatty acids is challenging or there may be nutrients that we don’t obtain in adequate amounts because they aren’t readily accessible or bioavailable.

For this reason, we have scientifically assembled a small collection of nutritional supplements that best support our:

Mind — Cognitive health for executive functioning, memory, focus, concentration, and neuro-protection

Body — Energy and vitality, endurance, immunity, cardiovascular, bone and joint, sexual and reproductive health

Spirit — Neurotransmitter regulation and balance for well-being, stress reduction, creativity, and radiance                                                   

Live the Life of Your Dreams with the bodyquench Inspire Me! Collection.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



It’s a new day. Breathe deeply. Stretch. Get your morning coffee. Meditate, if only for a few minutes.

Life is full of gifts; think of one that brings you immense joy. This day will be full of opportunities to choose and share health and happiness. Whose day will you brighten just because you can?

When you get off to a great start, you’ve already made the decision to savor the joys that come your way and flow through daily stresses and frustrations with grace.

How we wake, can make all the difference in staying the course and multiplying our blessings at the end of each day.



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